The Association of Municipalities of Slovenia

The Association of Municipalities of Slovenia (ZOS), which is based in Ljubljana, has the function of representing local interests. There are currently 119 predominantly small and medium sized municipalities, which are members of ZOS. ZOS is a legal entity which works in the legal, economic and political interest of the member municipalities as well as other Slovenian municipalities. It represents the interests of Slovenian municipalities on a national and international level, and links up with similar institutions and organisations in Slovenia and abroad. It achieves its goals with the help of the secretariat and specialist committees, organising various events, expert consultations, seminars, workshops, proposes solutions in the field of local self-government and acts as an intermediary between the municipality and national bodies.


The Association of Municipalities of Slovenia

Dunajska 156

1000 Ljubljana

Phone number: 01/ 230 63 32

E-mail: info(at)

The secretariat:

Polonca Drofenik, general secretary

E-mail: polonca.drofenik(at)

Mateja Krvina, advisor

E-mail: mateja.krvina(at)

Katarina Čoklc, advisor

E-mail: katarina.coklc(at)

Ana Potočnik, advisor

E-mail: ana.potocnik(at)