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Municipality of Pivka


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The municipality of Pivka was founded in 1994. It is situated in the karst region of Zgornja Pivka, on part of the wooded plateaus of Javornik and Mount Snežnik, the Košanska valley, the River Reka valley, and reaches the Brkini hills. Where it borders the municipality of Ilirska Bistrica, the disappearing River Pivka surfaces. It gathers the waters of many sources from the foot of the Javorniki hills. It is also the location of many periodic karst lakes, of which the Petelinjsko and Palško lakes are the largest. The municipality lies in an interesting watershed area, as the Pivka takes part of its waters towards the Black Sea, while the other part is taken by the River Reka into the Adriatic. The region was already settled in the Stone Age, of which the findings at Parska golobina bear witness; the fortified settlements from the Iron Age are preserved at Selce and Primož; the Roman Road connecting the Pivka and the Košanska valleys passed close by. The ruins of the Ĺ ilentabor castle are a reminder of feudal times. Agriculture and sheep breeding, which used to be the predominant economic activities, were later joined by charcoal burning, and transport using horse-drawn carts until the railway was built. There were many watermills and sawmills on the River Pivka. The construction of the Vienna-Trieste railway marked a turning point in the development of the region. The first train arrived in Pivka on 27th July 1857 and increased the settlement’s significance, which rose even further after the railway line to Rijeka was built. This added importance to the forestry and wood processing industries, which are the most important economic activities in the municipality - the factory Javor Pivka being one of the leading wood-processing companies in Slovenia. After World War II poultry production in the Košanska valley was begun and is now represented by Pivka d.d. Lately sheepbreeding has been revived, as well as fruitgrowing on the Brkini hills. Businesses and service activities are also developing. The only town in the municipality is Pivka, which is also its centre.