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Municipaity of Trbovlje


Mestni trg 4


1420 Trbovlje


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(03) 562 79 86


Vili Treven

Predlgajatelj župana

Slovenian demokratic party, Liberal Democracy of Slovenia

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58 sq kilometres


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Monday: 8:00 – 11:00

Tuesday: 8:00 – 11:00

Wednesday: 8:00 – 11:00 and 11:30 – 16:30

Thursday: 8:00 – 11:00

Friday: 8:00 – 11:00



Trbovlje is a town situated at the heart of Slovenia. For two centuries, it has been known for its high quality brown coal, and in the recent past, for tumultuous events, which have changed not only the local but also national history for decades. The town is also known for its sincere, cheerful, successful and diligent people, who are extremely fond of their basinal, elongated valley between Mrzlica and Kum. The town is situated by the River Sava, which was its only transport link with the rest of the world for centuries. That was the situation until the discovery of coal at the beginning of the 19th century and the building of the Vienna-Trieste railroad. For centuries, Trbovlje was one of Slovenia´s economic and industrial centres, possibly the strongest, and at the same time a cultural, administrative and political centre of the region of Zasavje, which it remains to this day. In recent years, its appearance has improved and is therefore becoming more interesting for tourists. Trbovlje can be proud of its natural sights, among which the regional park Mrzlica and Kum are of great importance. The “skalni možje” (the rocky men) on Tabor, the rocky cliff at the foot of Završje, Završki čeren, Bela peč, the čŒebulova valley, čŒebine, the Ribnik gorge in the Dobovec area, the rapids on the Sava near the former Prusnik, “Medvedove jame” (Bear´s Caves) on Mrzlica should also be mentioned, as well as “Turkov prepad” (Turk´s Precipice) in the Dobovec, the Mitovšek source and the waterfall on the Sava. Trbovlje has been known as a centre of amateur cultural life for a long time. Numerous choirs are among the best in the country, the “Delavska godba” (Workers´ Brass Band) is known worldwide, famous actors, artists and dancers originate from this region. The area is part of the Moravšo – Trboveljsko low-lying hills into which tapers a rather narrow seven-kilometre valley of the Trboveljščica stream, stretching in a north-south direction. Both sides of the hills are populated. Alongside residential areas, there are also many businesses, industrial, public and other buildings. The core of the settlement is concentrated at the bottom of the valley, next to the road that winds from the Sava valley, through the town, over Preval to above Podmeja and on through Marija Reka to the Savinjska valley. From Trbovlje the roads take you to Ljubljana, Celje, Zagreb and other destinations.