1. Gaining information about the work of the Association of Municipalities of Slovenia.
You can get basic information about the association and its activities on the website and in the monthly review “Glas občin”, which all Slovenian municipalities receive free of charge. By filling in a form, you can apply for further information, which you can receive in the form of presentational material, or even better we can send our representative to your municipality and he will give you all the key information about the association.

2. Preparing a proposal to join the association of municipalities and confirming the proposal at the municipal council.
If you find that the association is what you are looking for, the next step is to propose that the municipality enrols and support for the proposal should be gained at the municipal council. The municipal council, as the highest body in every municipality, is the only one having the jurisdiction to decide if the municipality can join the association. We can also help present the association at the municipal council with the help of a Powerpoint presentation.

3. Joining the association.
By voting to join the association, your municipality becomes our member, and as such, it can take advantage of all the services which the association has to offer.

Important: changes to the Law on local self-government bring novelties regarding the acquisition of the status of a representative association and the rights and duties connected with this. Maybe it will be your municipality which will make it possible for local communities to continue to have someone who will represent their interests.


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